At ritehome we know like their properties our landlords come in all different shapes and sizes. Some landlords like to know everything is done for them and others like to get involved; either way its fine with us and hopefully you too can see the benefit of using a letting agent in Glasgow.

You’re a Property Investor not a Landlord

Landlords have work to do managing their properties. Managing a portfolio is a business and like any other business it’s important to stay on top of those important administrative and regulatory tasks. As well as finding a tenant and protecting your investment there are several hundred constantly changing rules and legislation so if you see yourself as a property investor and not just a landlord delegate those time consuming tasks to a Glasgow letting agent to ensure you don’t fall foul of the law.

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Saves Time

Whether you are a full time property investor or have a career and family that prioritises your time it takes experience to build up the systems and processes to manage tenants and property effectively. Properties need advertised, viewings arranged, referencing, cleaning, inspections, rents chased, inventories, tradesman and the importance of admin tasks mean a local letting agent not only provides accountability but frees up your time to concentrate on the things that are important in your life.

Feeling Stress Free

Being a landlord can be stressful and a sometimes uncomfortable experience. Collecting much needed rent from evasive tenants, emergency phone calls in the middle of the night, tenants refusing access to inspections or tradesman, tenants refusing to move out at the end of a tenancy and keeping up with ever more onerous legislation makes being a landlord a full time job that imposes heavy fines if you get it wrong. Delegate the responsibility knowing that your letting agent should have a processes in place to deal with virtually every scenario and the experience of knowing what to do and when.

Reliable and Approved

Letting agents contractors should be pre-approved, have the necessary insurance in place and the appropriate qualification and accreditation needed to complete the work required. Sure, you can get a Gas Safety certificate online for £35 but if they’re not Gas Safe approved and don’t have the necessary insurance in place you’re in big trouble if it all goes wrong! Our contractors are reliable and trustworthy and come recommended in the knowledge they will get the job done in a timely manner at a fair price minimising voids.

You don’t live locally but we do

As a Glasgow Letting Agent we cover most of west central Scotland for our landlords. That means if you don’t have the time to travel to your property or live too far away we can take care of the majority of situations without you having to get involved. We know it’s difficult when you live far away as you need your investment protected; who will view the property, carry out inspections and make sure repairs are completed? You don’t want to spend your evenings and weekends travelling to Glasgow because a tenant has locked themselves out your property. Let us manage the tenancy, it’s what we do best allowing you to concentrate on what you want to.

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Reputable and Honest Service

Landlords will directly benefit from our experience but also from our reputation and integrity in the industry. Our strong reputation attracts high quality tenants that are thoroughly referenced and tend to stay at your property for longer. This avoids unnecessary void periods where good tenants seek alternative accommodation when their expectations or concerns are not met. We will scrutinise any expenses and hold contractors or tenants accountable where deemed unnecessary. We are accredited by Landlords Association for Scotland, The Property Ombudsman and Association of Residential Letting Agents. When considering whether to work with an agent or not, landlords should consider who will deliver the best service and advice, not simply the cheapest or the first one they meet.


While agents are there to manage properties on a day-to-day basis, we work on behalf of the property-owner, so a letting agent should communicate regularly with their client, the landlord. The relationship between all three parties in a landlord-agent-tenant arrangement is trust. The landlord should trust that their local letting agent is managing their property and finances well, and their ability to attract and keep tenants. Tenants need to feel like their concerns or issues are being listened to and acted upon. Good agents will be able to advise landlords on incoming legislation or how to maximise returns and avoid unnecessary expenditure. Paying for a better service will result in better returns.