Report a Repair

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Please read this information carefully.

Where repairs relate to communal, block or external issues, responsibility may be that of the Building Factor and NOT the landlord. We will then use your notification to inform the appropriate person(s) but the timeframes below will not apply.

Our aim is to deal with all repairs and maintenance issues within the timeframes below:
Emergency Repairs: 24 Hours
High Priority: 5 Days
Medium Priority: 10 Days
Low Priority: 14 Days

What is an Emergency?

If you smell gas or detect a gas leak call National Gas Emergency Service

0800 111 999

For loss of power call Scottish Power

0800 092 9290

For major water leaks call Scottish Water Authority

0845 600 88 55

If you have an emergency when our lettings centre is closed please ensure that you are experiencing a true emergency and that the issue cannot be resolved during our lettings centre opening hours.

Also please remember that if a contractor is called out as an emergency when a repair is not justified and could have been dealt with during our normal office hours, tenants will be liable for all costs.

In an emergency report a repair here and call the 24hr emergency number 0141 345 2005 option 3

Please note that you must not authorise 3rd party repairs to the property or incur any unauthorised expenses without the express written permission of ritehome or your landlord. The cost of any work authorised by you or someone acting on your behalf without such written authority will not be reimbursed.