Is it time to Sell your Buy To Let?

If you are thinking of selling your Buy To Let, transfer it to us and we will manage it for FREE for 6 months or until we sell your property, whichever comes first.

Why would we do that?

With ritehome an established property management agency looking after your buy to let we can assess the tenant, the rental ledger; the compliance, safety and condition of the property and then offer it to our property investors with your tenant still in residence. That means you receive your rental income until the day it sells, paying your mortgage, no evictions, no arrears. Your buyers are confident in our reliability and trustworthiness and your tenant remains comfortable in their home.

There’s no upfront costs and we can begin straight away by offering your Buy To Let to our property investors. For an added fee we can also advertise on the country’s largest property portals ensuring your sale gets maximum exposure in the market and the best possible price.

We offer an exclusive, affordable, open and transparent service for our clients. It’s not for everyone but the benefits are obvious.


  • Earn Rental Income until completion
  • FREE management up to 6 Months
  • Tenants can remain in situ
  • Exclusive Property Investor List
  • Advertise on Rightmove etc

Our process is designed for professional landlords and property investors. Our comprehensive marketing includes structuring your property in a unique way to make it attractive to other property investors. Expect professional buyers and fewer timewasters whilst continuing to keep your tenant and rental income.

While our investors are located all across the UK and abroad we only work with properties in West Central Scotland where we can utilise our knowledge and can physically assess the investment.

Contact us now to see if your Buy To Let qualifies for our exclusive service.

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